I am trying to identify the crew of the above aircraft. On this day flying out of Gibraltar they attacked and sank the Italian Submarine Alabastro.
The captain, F/O Ernest Paul WALSHE 400361 RAAF was awarded the DFC for this attack

The Squadron ORB Record of Event only shows
F/O Walshe
P/O McLeod
and the Summary of Events does not expand on this
The squadron Appendices https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C2503826 has on Page 254 a hand written completed form A.U.B. detailing the attack. The crew appear to be written as

F/O Walshe, P/O Walker, P/O McLeod, Sgt Loveless, Sgt Jordan, Sgt Byres or Bynes (difficult to make out), Sgt Fishwick, Sgt Hervey, Sgt Wright.

At this stage of 1942 the ORB only contained details in the record of events with two persons details. 1. The Captain 2. Either the 2nd Pilot or the Navigator, I'm not sure which.
In November 1942 they started recording ranks and surnames of all crew members, and in December initials as well. Service numbers are not recorded.

By searching forwards over the next couple of months I have the following, (not including the captain)

P/O W M Walker (ID William Maxwell WALKER 80365 RAF(VR))
P/O D C McLeod
Sgt W Loveless (ID Walter LOVELESS 983691 RAF(VR))
Sgt E J Jordan (could be any one of about five if RAF)
Sgt Byres or Bynes (Does not appear in the ORB again)
Sgt A Fishwick (could be one of two if RAF)
Sgt A G Hervey (almost certainly ID as Anthony Gerald HERVEY 915545 RAF(VR))
Sgt P W Wright (could be one of about five)

P/O D C McLeod, I thought would be easy to identify. The ORB shows he was promoted to F/O sometime between 23rd January 1943 when he went to the UK in a Catalina for a major service and 19th February when he returned to Gibraltar.
Air Force List for 1942-1944 shows no trace of any D C McLeod I also checked MacLeod, so probably not RAF
No trace of any DC McLeod or MacLeod being promoted in Canada Gazette between January-February 1943. There is one in the Paradie RCAF database, but he got commissioned too late to be this one
No suitable candidates in the RAAF according to the WW2 nominal roll. None of them fit the bill. There were two but one got commissioned too late the other was an LAC.
It's a real conundrum

If anyone can assist with identifying any of the above I would be very much obliged