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Thread: What Do We Do If A Lot Of It Closes Down?

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    Default What Do We Do If A Lot Of It Closes Down?

    Hello All,
    In the event that there are further tightenings of national movement restrictions in the next few days/weeks then we can always work with the digital sources of data/information?
    But if they (or their internet servers) fail then we might find ourselves at somewhat of a “loose end”?
    What I am about to suggest may be difficult, but should not be beyond the abilities of many of the expert members of this forum!!
    Can we have a separate page/section devoted to reconstructing the events, in WW2, in – say - a single 24-hr period?
    I would suggest the period from 0001Z 1 Apr 43 to 2359Z 1 Apr 43. This was, effectively, halfway between the Axis winning everything and the Allies beginning to win quite a lot!
    I merely put this forward as an idea! Many of us have our areas of expertise, but not many of them can be brought together in the same place and at the same short period of time!
    Is there any “mileage” (or “kilometerage”!) in this? There might even be a PhD thesis in this???
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    That could be an interesting little project. In order to attempt to cover anything close to all of it you'd probably still need some sort of of access to online records, but could be fun.


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    I'm not sure about reconstructing a specific period but I do echo your concerns about online resources. The wife and I both carry out a lot of research using TNA, BNA, and the various other archives with records online, especially the genealogy websites, for which we pay a tidy sum. I dread to think what we would do if some or all of these were not available during this current crisis, we may have to talk to each other!!! I hope that their support can teams can keep them running remotely.

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