Ok , here is the scenario :
A young person contacts you and tells you they are in Covid-19 self isolation and that they just learned their Grandfather served in aircrew in Bomber Command in 1944. They tell you they want a recommendation from you for 3 books that they can use their time reading to learn 1) A bit about what their Granddad went through on a personal level, and 2) A bit about the Campaign they were part of in general.
What 3 books would you give them? I will start the ball rolling :

1) Boys, Bombs and Brussels Sprouts by J. Douglas Harvey (..unfamiliar to non-Canadians perhaps? But well worth searching out)
2) Men of Air by Kevin Wilson
3) The Bomber War by Robin Neillands

Wishing all forum members and families good health!
Cheers, Clint