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    Default Reginald Arthur Bareham

    I am researching the wartime service of Reginald Arthur Bareham and downloaded his record sheet from N.A., but it showed very little detail other than his number 177651 and he was passed Fit as Pilot. He joined No1 Officers Technical Training on 4 June 1918 - anyone know where 1OTT was situated. He then moved to 1CW on 21 June 1918; I'm guessing that 1CW indicates No 1 Cadet Wing and from there he joined 8 S of A on 23 Aug 1918 which I have seen this as No.2 School of Aeronautics (at Oxford). Two days in hospital 25 Jan 19-27 Jan 19 and finally Transferred to Class G RAF Reserve 23 Feb 1919. Sadly he died 1920 cause of death unknown.

    Can anyone please add to this. Looking for any background information where he served; what did he actually do etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Reginald Arthur Bareham

    Dannemois, Hi,
    If you get a copy of his Death Cert (Registered Q4 1920 at Tendring Vol 4a Page 474) that will tell you precisely what the cause of death was, and where it took place. There will also be The Informant (i.e. whoever informed the Registrar of the death. This, in itself, can often reveal vital information (except that a 1920 Registrar will, himself, have been well registered by now!!!).
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