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Thread: Aircrew buried in Cemeteries in the area of Dalgow-Doeberitz, Berlin

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    Default Re: Aircrew buried in Cemeteries in the area of Dalgow-Doeberitz, Berlin

    Many thanks indeed for the information Rod,

    With regards to the 260 bodies exhumed from the Döberitz-Elsgrund Friedhof (of which 146 where registered as unknowns and all but 15 of them being identified as Air Force etc); when you went through the original cemetery registers for the Heer Str 1939-45 CWGC cemetery, did you manage to record the details from which graves at the Döberitz-Elsgrund Friedhof they came?


    Acorn Fox

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    Default Re: Aircrew buried in Cemeteries in the area of Dalgow-Doeberitz, Berlin

    Hello Mr. Fox,

    Jan Hey passed away in 2012 and Henk Welting* died a year later. I was in contact with them about the unknown Airmen in Doeberitz-Elsgrund cemetery.


    Sadly, I never got a list of them about one of the cemeteries. In Döberitz we have different burial places, the Heeresstandortfriedhof Döberitz / Garrison Cemetery burials of RAF and USAAF Members until the 2nd December 1943 ** and the Neue Kriegsgefangenen-Friedhof Döberitz-Elsgrund started with Plot 1 with the Crew DS770 of the same date.

    Further below you will find out, that the crew of DS770 was found 2 years after the official exhumation by the Italian red cross, because Plot 1 was the burial place for Italians too.

    The earliest burials of a crew of this raid were the crew of the Lancaster LM316 shot down close to the Kleinmachnower lake in the south of Berlin started with the german grave Number Plot 1 Row 4 Grave 18 and followed by P 1 R 5 G 2, P 1 R 5 G 15-18 (Grave 18 was the last in the row). This revealed, that in the beginning of the usage of this “old” cemetery for POWs, especially for Russians, they used the Italian plot and added the first December victims of the Battle of Berlin there.

    **2nd December 1943 Lancaster JB 371

    W/O Bob Petty (JB371) and crew from 49 Squadron was one of those posted missing: On their way to Berlin, J-Jig's rear gunner, Ed Smith, reported that his guns were u/s, but the crew still decided to press-on. During the bombing run, they were attacked by a Me110. Owen Roberts in the top turret managed to hit the fighter’s engine before one of his guns jammed. Continuing the bomb run, Owen spotted another Me 110 just below them but when he tried to fire his guns, they were either jammed or out of ammunition. To add to their troubles, flak then struck the starboard inner engine which burst into flames immediately.

    Without hesitation, Bob Petty gave the bale out order. Six members of the crew (including 2nd pilot, Sgt Tucker) survived to become PoWs. Sadly the bomb aimer, Bill Walke was killed along with the rear gunner, Ed Smith, who although seen to bale out, has no known grave.
    The Lancaster crashed in the Zeuthener Heide (today Heinrich-Heine-Str / Seestr.) Zeuthen close to Berlin.
    Lancaster JB371 (EA-J)

    W/O R.W. Petty Pilot (P.o.W.)
    Sgt A. Tucker 2nd Pilot (P.o.W.)
    Sgt G. Lumsden F/E (P.o.W.)
    Sgt T. Tullock NAV (P.o.W.)
    Sgt S.J. Richards W/AG (P.o.W.)
    Sgt O. Roberts A/G (P.o.W.)
    F/S W.A. Walke B/A (Killed)
    Sgt E. Smith A/G (Missing)

    Crew on their 17th operation

    Sgt. William Arthur Walke RAF 1338105 was the only victim of this Raid buried at Standortfriedhof / Garrison Cemetery Doeberitz P 8 R 8 G11 and reburied Heerstrasse 4 K 24, (Sgt. Smith, was eventually buried in P8 R8 G10 [Unk. British Forces] or was not buried and is still at the crash site or was falling into the nearby river Dahme.)

    In your specific case, the next crew buried in Elsgrund Cemetery is maybe interesting for you, because this crew was found after the transfer of all British graves.

    *** I found the Investigation Report about the Crew of the Lancaster DS770 in the Canadian National Archive, crashed in Berlin Koepenick on the 2nd December 1943, that stated, that:

    “A few weeks ago this detachment [Berlin Detachment, M.R.E.S] was contacted by the Berlin representative of the Italian Red Cross. He informed us that on removing Italian War casualties from Plot 1 ELSGRUND Cemetery, a new row of graves whose existence hat until now not been known, was discovered on the Western edge of the plot. On examining some of these graves, they were found to contain bodies dressed in what believed to be British uniforms.
    An application to revisit ELSGRUND, was immediately submitted to the Soviet Military Administration and a 50 G.C.U. team, commanded by Capt. W. Thompson, proceeded to ELSGRUND Cem. On the 20th Oct. 48. The undersigned acted as R.A.F. Witnessing officer [F/Lt. R.P. Hunter].

    On arrival at the cem. this row of graves was found to contain remains of six Air Force casualties [The Crew of DS 770 without R186394 Sgt H.A. Keast RCAF A/G was already identified by identity disc in Grave Plot 1 Row 6 Grave 1 1st body] and fifteen other casualties, accepted by DAGRE as unknown British Army deceased (See attached diagram)[the diagram was not in the file].

    The six R.A.F. casualties were found buried all together in the southern end of the row, three in individual coffins in graves 1, 2 and 3 and three others collectively in one coffin in grave 4. (These grave numbers are not official, as no mention of this row is made in existing ELSGRUND Cem. Records).”

    These are the only Army members buried in Plot 1 and for me a mystery.

    As you maybe know, the National Archive will release all files of “Air Ministry: P4 (Cas) Files relating to casualties suffered during air operations and aircraft accidents 1939-1945”, most of the relevant files of the unknown Airmen buried on the Garrison Cemetery Döberitz and the Elsgrund Cemetery will be released next year for 1943.

    I have seen the RCAF, RNZAF and RAAF casualties files and their limited information in the Investigation Reports.
    Is there anyone in this forum, that got one of these P4 Files and discovered in this file an Exhumation Report included?
    I have the ORB of the 4th MRES Berlin Detachment, but it just started in May 1947, after the exhumation in Elsgrund 30. November – 7. December 1946.

    Mr Fox, you can find the first burial place on the site of the CWGC Find a war dead, if you go down the site there is the option Concentration, there you will find the Graves concentration Reports.

    I'm personally working on a book about the Berlin Raid in the night 2nd/ 3rd December 1943.

    Thorsten Perl

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    Default Re: Aircrew buried in Cemeteries in the area of Dalgow-Doeberitz, Berlin

    The Battle of Berlin losses buried in Doebertiz and ElsgrundCemetery
    Based on Alan Cooper „Bombers over Berlin – The RAF offensive,November 1943-March 1944“ Second Edition 1989

    In [] means, that some of the crews could be buried in Elsgrund.

    Buried in Döberitz Standortfriedhof / Doeberitz Garrison Cemetery

    18th/19th November 1943

    156 Sqdn: Lanc JB363 4 UnknownAirmen*means still Missing

    22nd/23rd November 1943

    50 Sqdn: Lanc DV366
    51 Sqdn: Halifax HR726 4 UnknownAirmen
    83 Sqdn: Lanc JB424
    156 Sqdn: Lanc JA694 7 UnknownAirmen
    218 Sqdn: Stirling EF180 6 UnknownAirmen

    23rd/24th November 1943

    44 Sqdn: Lanc LM373
    83 Sqdn: Lanc JB284
    97 Sqdn: Lanc JB128 5 Unknown Airmen(
    [100 Sqdn: Lanc JB564 3 UnknownAirmen Shot down by flak over Berlin]
    156 Sqdn: Lanc JB223 5 Unkown Airmen Rose Crew Anderson RAAF

    26th/27th November 1943

    61 Sqdn: Lanc DV297 6 Unknown Airmen F/Sgt. T. Toombs
    83 Sqdn: Lanc JA913 7 UnknownAirmen F/Sgt. R.H. Pennells

    2nd/3rd December 1943

    49 Sqdn: Lanc JB371 1 Unknown Airmen Sgt. W.A. Walke (last one buried in Doeberitz)

    Buried in Elsgrund Cemetery

    103 Sqdn: Lanc JB401 5 Unknown Airmen 4of 7 buried in Elsgrund 2 of them ident.
    426 Sqdn: Lanc DS770 Italian RedCross discovery in 1948
    460 Sqdn: Lanc LM316 4 Unknown Airmen
    460 Sqdn: Lanc JB611 6 Unknown Airmen 6of 7 buried in Elsgrund 1 of them ident.
    619 Sqdn: Lanc JB847 2 Unknown Airmen 3of 3 buried in Elsgrund 1 of them ident.

    16th/17th December 1943

    97 Sqdn: Lanc JA963 4 Unknown Airmen
    103 Sqdn: Lanc JB658 4 UnknownAirmen
    207 Sqdn: Lanc EE141 2 Unknown Airmen
    576 Sqdn: Lanc DV342 5 Unknown Airmen

    23rd/24th December 1943

    115 Sqdn: Lanc DS773 3 Unknown Airmen
    463 Sqdn: Lanc ED420 2 Unknown Airmen

    29th/30th December 1943

    35Sqdn: Halifax HR986
    431 Sqdn: Halifax LK659

    1st/2nd January 1944

    156 Sqdn: Lanc JB476
    156 Sqdn: Lanc JB703
    [156 Sqdn: Lanc JA925 7 Unknown Airmen(]

    2nd/3rd January 1944

    [100 Sqdn: Lanc JB549 7 Unknown Airmen]
    156 Sqdn: Lanc ND380 6 UnknownAirmen Haywood USAAF
    [156 Sqdn: Lanc JB640]
    156 Sqdn: Lanc JB553 5 UnknownAirmen
    [408 Sqdn: Lanc LL631 2 Unknown Airmen]
    [426 Sqdn: Lanc DS760 6 Unknown Airmen]

    20th/21st January 1944

    7 Sqdn: Lanc ND368 3 UnknownAirmen
    77 Sqdn: Halifax HR946 7 Unknown Airmen
    102 Sqdn: Halifax LW337
    622 Sqdn: Lanc W5483

    27th/28th January 1944

    426 Sqdn: Halifax DS686 4 Unknown Airmen
    432 Sqdn: Lanc LL638 4 Unknown AirmenCrossin Lake
    467 Sqdn: Lanc ED539 5 UnknownAirmen

    28th/29th January 1944

    10 Sqdn: Halifax JP133 2 UnknownAirmen
    [77 Sqdn: Halifax LK 701 1 UnknownAirmen]
    77 Sqdn: Halifax LK709 3 UnknownAirmen 4 of the Crew were found 1976
    77 Sqdn: Halifax HR841 5 UnknownAirmen Kadewe
    103 Sqdn: Halifax LW277
    466 Sqdn: Halifax HX345 1 Unknown Airmen

    30th/31th January 1944

    44 Sqdn: Lanc JA843 1 UnknownAirmen
    100 Sqdn: Lanc ND360 4 UnknownAirmen
    115 Sqdn: Lanc LL648 1 UnknownAirmen
    207 Sqdn: Lanc ED758 7 UnknownAirmen
    405 Sqdn: Halifax JA924 2 UnknownAirmen
    622 Sqdn: Lanc ED364 7 UnknwonAirmen

    15th/16th February 1944

    24th/25th March 1944

    7 Sqdn: Lanc ND581 6 UnknownAirmen Last one buried in Elsgrund of the RAF Battle of Berlin
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