Could N.P.C. Holmes - a member of the Guinea Pig Club:


actually be S/L Melville Percival Conrad "Jacko" Holmes (70320) D.F.C. ?


There is his bio on the auction website:


During May 1940 he flew with No. 18 Squadron (Blenheims) in France and was slightly injured:

The auction website:

…he was completely blind and knew nothing of his evacuation from France in a Hospital Ship….



11.05.1940 18 Sqn Blenheim R3590, WV-?, crash landed near Troyes. Pilot Officer M P C Holmes injured, Sgt F Miller ok, LAC B M Harding ok.
15.06.1940 18 Sqn ORB: P/O Holmes back to 18 Sqn from 1 depot
23.07.1940 18 Sqn ORB: P/O Holmes DFC
16.08.1940 18 Sqn ORB: F/O Holmes from 18 Sqn to 14 SFTS

The auction website:

…Back with his Blenheim Squadron, now switched over to day bombing, he made many, many attacks on the French Channel ports where the enemy was gathering his invasion forces….

But according to the No. 18 Squadron ORB he didn’t fly any op at all!

Two months without flying?

The auction website:

…In September 1940, he was rested from operations and an 18 months spell at a Navigation School in Wales followed. Then, after a course at a Spitfire Operational Training Unit, he was posted to the first Squadron to be equipped with Typhoons. …

25.10.1942 56 Sqn ORB: F/L Holmes first reported - Typhoon solo Local Flying

„An 18-month spell“ – cca to February 1942 but he went to 56 Squadron after 26 months - in October 1942… Was he really at any OTU 8 months? Or was he injured (an accident ?) and spent some time in the East Grinstead hospital? Or did his eye and face injured in France need special treatment?