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Thread: Hampden I X2989, 61 Sqn - code letter?

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    Default Hampden I X2989, 61 Sqn - code letter?

    Hello everyone

    A bit of a long shot, but can anyone tell me the individual code letter for 61 Squadron Hampden X2989, which crash landed on return from a raid on Leuna after being attacked by an Me-110 on the night of October 16th/17th 1940?

    I've checked the ORB Forms 540 and 541 with no joy, but I just wondered if someone may have a note of it from another source.

    Many thanks,



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    Default Re: Hampden I X2989, 61 Sqn - code letter?

    61 Squadron at Syerston is one of my pet interests. At Hemswell, less so. That said, I thought I'd try for you. You are correct about AIR27/576/21 & 22, though they quote the serial as X2979. Other than the off-chance that IBCC will get a 61 Sqn donation log book, the one place it might be recorded is in the personnel reports in AIR80. Alas, they aren't digitised, so you will have to wait until TNA reopen and you will have to pay. It's 8 just for them to give you a quote and one of my previous requests would have set me back about 40 had I not declined it, so a future visit is in order.
    Try asking for AIR80/3807, Clemeson, Hewitt, Gardner & Flanagan. The only serial/code tie-up I've come across is P4379: QR-P. Good Luck.

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