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Thread: Female RAF personnel

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    Default Female RAF personnel

    Hi to everyone,

    I was wondering if someone could help me with information on the following points:-

    1. If an Aircraftswoman was based at an airfield, were they attatched to a Squadron or were they just an Aircraftswoman of whatever rank?

    2. If the airfield say for example had 460 squadron based there would the Aircraftstwomen be classed as part of 460 Squadron - if she was working with that squadron - and would her records be adorned accordingly?

    Sorry if the question seems a little vague, but as I have come across a few deceased Airwomen where there is no mention of Squadron status. As in some cases other non aircrew losses state RAF Regiment Squadron numbers and the like.

    Thanks for you patience and understanding.


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    Hi Steve,

    first of all I would like to note that she was definitely WAAF member, I have no knowledge of RAF airwomen.

    As I know they could be both - attached to the station or to the squadron, it depens on particular posting and trade.
    For example parachute packers and drivers were attached to the station but some mechanics or meteoroligists could be attached to the squadron.

    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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    Default Female RAF Personnel

    Few RCAF women personnel went overseas before mid-1943 and by that time the RAF (and RCAF) were well along in divorcing flying squadron personnel from the non-flying elements (including creation of Serving Echelons which put some distance between aircrews and those who serviced their machines). The RCAF women (WDs - for "Women's Division" who went overseas were posted almost exclusively to higher formations (i.e. RCAF Overseas Headquarters in London, No.6 Group Headquarters and various Base Headquarters in Yorkshire).

    The following is a very limited sample, based on WAAF personnel posted to RCAF units and subsequently decorated. You will note that the various trades were non-flying and the units exercised administrative or general control functions:

    BARSHAM, Section Officer Eileen L. - MiD, 8 June 1944 - Tholthorpe (Administration)

    BLACKBURN, Section Officer Doreen J - MiD, 1 January 1945 - No.64 Base - Signals

    BOWERS, Cpl Winnifred Stella - MiD, 14 June 1945 - Eastmoor - Clerk (General Duties)

    BRINGES, Sgt Elvira M. - MiD, 14 June 1945 - No.64 Base (Watchkeeper)

    BURDEN, Sgt Joyce Mary - MiD, 14 June 1945 - No.62 Base - Clerk (General Duties)

    COBB, Cpl Joan Elaine - MiD, 1 January 1945 - No.64 Base - Fabric Worker

    DENHAM, Cpl Ada - MiD, 1 January 1946 - Croft - Communications

    DIX, Cpl Helen Carlisle - MiD, 14 June 1945 - Middleton St. George - Communications

    EARNSHAW, Cpl Etheldreda - MiD, 8 June 1944 - No.6 Group HQ - Clerk/Typist

    FOX, Sgt Violet Alice - MiD, 8 June 1944 - Eastmoor - Administration

    HENDERSON, Cpl Elsie S. - MiD, 8 June 1944 - No.6 Group HQ - cook

    HUSBAND, Sgt Marjorie - MiD, 14 June 1945 - No.63 Base - Clerk

    MAXFIELD, Section Officer Francis M.C. - MiD, 8 June 1944 - Eastmoor - trade uncertain but appears to have administered WAAF personnel on station.

    PAINE, Sgt Rose W. - MiD, 14 January 1944 - Linton - Clerk (General Duties)

    PERRIN, Cpl Mabel Margaret - MiD, 14 June 1945 - No.64 Base - trade uncertain but appears to have been involved in WAAF administration on base.

    ROBERTSON, Cpl Barbara - MiD, 14 January 1944 - No.61 Base - trade uncertain

    SAYNOR, ACW.1 June Ilynn - MiD, 8 June 1944 - No.6 Group HQ - cook

    STOTT, Corporal Evelyn - MiD, 1 January 1946 - No.64 Base - Clerk (General Duties)

    WENNELL, Cpl Edwina Anne - MiD, 14 June 1945 - Station Leeming - Radio Telephone Operator

    WEST, Sgt Violet Dorothy A. - MiD, 14 June 1945 - Leeming - cook

    WOODSWORTH, WO Ascnath - MiD, 14 June 1945 - Middleton St. George - Messing
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    Sorry Pavel, but so far as I'm aware meteorologists were never attached to squadrons. The 'Meteorologist' trade was an unusual one in that control of postings of personnel lay with the Meteorological Office, a civilian organisation. An airfield met office was very much a law unto itself; although usually located in the Control Tower, it was a discrete unit. As most met offices operated a 24/7 roster with a minimum of staff (4 plus a supervisor), met personnel often managed to avoid such things as parades and sentry duty by virtue of the fact they were either on duty, or sleeping between duties.

    I have to admit I thought WAAFs were attached to units (stations) rather than squadrons, and would work in the Eng, Admin or whatever other branches there were.


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