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Thread: F/O Manley I Fraleigh (J9388), Canadian, 182 Sqn

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    Default Re: F/O Manley I Fraleigh (J9388), Canadian, 182 Sqn


    Thank you – very much – for this. This all makes sense. According to ORB, Fraleigh was posted to 182 in May 43, started flying ops 14 July 43 and was KIA on his seventh op, 19 Aug 43.

    Started reading the book, Typhoon Wings of Second TAF, 1943- 1945. You mentioned your father flew Typhoons. I am always interested in intersecting stories, especially of three Canadian Typhoon pilots from a small town called Wallaceburg, Ontario. The three Wallaceburg Typhoon pilots were:

    F/Lt Andrew “Fibber” Magee – served with 56, 438, 247 Sqns; Oct 42 – 3 Feb 45, when he was taken POW in Germany; survived the war

    WO2 Bill Laing - served with 128 (Africa; not Typhoons), 197 Sqn (dates not confirmed); survived the war

    F/O Manley Fraleigh – 182 Sqn; May 43 – KIA 19 Aug 43

    Did your father serve with 56, 182, 197, 247 or 438 Sqns?

    Also, in Fraleigh’s posting record, it is reported that he was posted to "RAF Special School" in Debert, Nova Scotia over the period 22 May – 2 July 41. And this posting happened before he started his flying trg (1 ITS Toronto, 3 EFTS London, Ontario, 14 SFTS Aylmer, Ontario; Jul 41 – Dec 41). In all the records I’ve seen, I’ve never seen ref to the "RAF Special School." Do you have any idea what Fraleigh would have been doing at the "RAF Special School?"

    Really appreciate your patience.

    John Dean

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    Default Re: F/O Manley I Fraleigh (J9388), Canadian, 182 Sqn

    Sending PM John

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