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Thread: Hinaidi to Fritzlar - 55(B) Squadron website and others

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    Default Hinaidi to Fritzlar - 55(B) Squadron website and others


    I've just joined this forum so by way of introduction I'm here to learn more about certain aspects of the RAF in Iraq and India during the 1930s.

    About 9 years ago I build a website using some of a deceased relative's photos. I've recently rebuilt the site, scanning and adding many more photos - a process that is ongoing.

    Fortunately, some of the photos have names and explanations on the reverse but many do not. Consequently I've probably made some wrong assumptions or simply not recognised what's in front of me through lack of knowledge about the aircraft or squadron life.

    So you're all invited to take a look and tell me where I've made mistakes. I'd like the site to be as accurate as possible as a tribute to my relation and all those other people who appear in the site.

    You can find it at

    Thanks in advance :)
    Hinaidi to Fritzlar - An RAF Fitter's years in the RAF in Iraq, India, and Germany

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    Default Re: Hinaidi to Fritzlar - 55(B) Squadron website and others


    Great Website

    I notice that you are not covering 55 Sqn in Egypt in 1939??

    For instance ?

    I have full crew details


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