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Thread: RAF Usworth crash July,1942

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    Default RAF Usworth crash July,1942

    Hi-Can any forum members put forward a name of a pilot who crashed in a street very near to RAF Usworth in July,1942 and was sadly killed.I have no name and no exact date but is a search possible in deaths registered in the area of the Usworth district of Washington,Sunderland at the time.I have known about this crash for many years including quite a few local eyewitness accounts.The crash was on a weekday and occurred at approximately 12:30 PM when the school children came home for lunch.The fighter crashed in the middle of a street and nobody else was killed,only the pilot.This is not a 55 OTU crash as they moved from RAF Usworth in April,1942 to RAF Annan so again it is not a 55 OTU crash.Any ideas on searching the deaths to reveal a possible name would be most appreciated.
    Regards,Philip Smith
    55 Aircraft Accidents Research Group

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    Default Re: RAF Usworth crash July,1942


    How sure are you of the date? If the children were at school, it could narrow it down if you can find the Summer school term dates?

    And do you know exactly where the plane came down?

    The collision between Masters N8076 and T8567 springs to mind, but that was December 1941 at just after 15.00. One of them came down in Felstead Crescent, Ford Estate in South Hylton.



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