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Thread: Oxford University Air Squadron Avro 504N Crash July 1934

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    Default Oxford University Air Squadron Avro 504N Crash July 1934

    Accidents Qtr 2 1934

    Negligence or Culpable Errors of Pilots

    Injury Avro 504N - During unauthorized low flying over his parent's home, a pupil pilot lost control and crashed
    (Called on to resign from University Air Squadron)

    No Names - No Dates....

    Worthing Herald, Sat July 28, 1934

    Aeroplane Crashes at Storrington
    Accident Near Pilots Home
    The Roundabout Estate, near Storrington
    was the scene of an aeroplane
    crash on Friday last (i.e. July 20th, 1934 - Date Confirmed)
    when pilot had an unfortunate escape

    Pilot Mr Ian David Turner (from Christ Church College Oxford University) was flying
    from Eastchurch to Tangmere in a dual Avro machine

    Passed over his home Heatherlands, where his mother was on the look-out for him
    just before noon, machine stalled and crashed on one wing. Machine completely wrecked

    Mr Turner was removed unconscious from machine and sent to Worthing hospital, where he was
    making satisfactory progress from severe cuts and head injuries
    The accident occurred the day before his 21st Birthday..

    Can anyone ID the Serial of the aeroplane concerned?

    Thanks Paul
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