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    Could someone please explain how the RAF responded to summer time (and double summer time). My thoughts are that they were ignored and stuck to GMT.

    Also what time were the Germans using. Comparing ORBs with a contemporary German report for a protracted raid on Konigsberg in August 1944 the times correspond. ORB's give attack marking (flares) starting 01.00 and finish bombing 01.50. German report refers to attack between 01.00 and 02.00.

    Times of German fighter attacks on returning bomber stream also seem to correlate.

    Any thoughts?



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    If you use the search function there have been probably a number of queries on this subject in the past, search for the terms "time zone" or "summer time" etc Here are tow, I haven;t read them but tis a start
    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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    I’m not trying to cloud the issue – just issuing a “Take Care” notice!
    I can’t vouch for what they did during WW2 but the 3 Services were known to have used different times zones (depending on where they were) just after WW2. The RAF tended to use GMT operationally (but local time domestically), the Army tended to use local time. Don’t know what the Navy did.
    On top of that you also have ‘times of occurrence’ of an event reported/recorded by Police, Coast Guard, etc, etc, and very rarely is the Time Zone used reported. These time zone differences can make a nonsense of trying to reconstruct a particular event if there are several different zones involved – with no indication of who was using what zone when making a report. I don’t know, but it is possible – for example – that the French gendarmerie, or pompiers, might not have used the same time zone as the occupying German forces when recording the same incident? Our Gallic colleagues may care to comment?
    What I’m saying is that it is a very complex subject. I have seen, on this forum, tables of who (across NW Europe) used what time zone, and when. But I can’t remember who put it up!
    Peter Davies
    Meteorology is a science; good meteorology is an art!
    We might not know - but we might know who does!

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    Hi Mike

    If you want to send me a PM I can send you a table I've just put together setting out for comparison what I believe to have been the respective 'local' times in the UK and Germany throughout the war.

    Noting, of course, the other points made above by Dennis and Peter.

    It appears that there was even one day in April 1944 when the UK 'local' time was an hour AHEAD of the 'local' time in Germany!!



    ps As regards your post, Mike, in August 1944 we were on Double British Summer Time (DBST, = GMT+2) and the Germans were on GST (German Summer Time) which was also GMT+2, so the recorded times should be identical.
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