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Thread: Captain of the aircraft Armband

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    Default Captain of the aircraft Armband

    During my search for "Captains of Aircraft" maps, I came across a Getty Image of an airman wearing a Captain of the aircraft Armband. I realized I have one of these from my father's collection and didn't realize what it was. According to Getty Images, they were issued to pilots of Coastal and Bomber Command beginning September of 1944. I see there was a discussion on this forum in 2002, here:

    Not mentioned in the discussion was perhaps the need to readily identify the pilot of the aircraft, in a crash and also when aircrew were assembled at briefings and debriefings.

    Edit: I should add that when dad was awarded his wings, he was commissioned, P/O, and never held the rank of Sgt or F/Sgt. The armband shows little wear, and I wonder if he ever wore it. It does have the last name “CAVE” on the reverse, in my dad’s handwriting.

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    Default Re: Captain of the aircraft Armband

    I would say that the Captain of Aircraft Armband was at least partly related to the attempt to get more rear crew members qualified to be Captains in Bomber and Coastal Aircraft.
    The idea of the Captain having to wear an armband was obviously never going to catch on with the majority of crews.

    From the Jefford Book

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