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    Whilst we all appreciate the satisfaction of successful research and joining the dots, finding out information we knew not of before, nothing beats the satisfaction of finding a decent photograph of your subject, a photo does speak a thousand words. You can write volumes of a pilot or airman, but if you haven’t got a single photo of him it’s pointless. At TNA the records of OTUs, Flying Training Schools, squadron ORB’s, so many photos were taken, yet I am dissapointed that so few can be found with the records. Why is that ? I was browsing the Air 29 files at TNA looking for something in 14 OTU, being that the OTUs are all housed in sequence in the same bound volumes, and came to 12 OTU first. I was gobsmacked. Photos of each course that passed out, A4’ish size, all students named, good quality, each and every pass out. I assumed that this state of affairs would carry on to 14 OTU, but alas, after 12 OTU, there was nothing, zilch.
    Was looking at 156 sqn ORB,s, clearly mentioned on the ORB (see link) ‘squadron photograph taken in afternoon’, I pulled the original files, the appendices, where is the photo so clearly mentioned ? Nothing. Has anyone else found this sorry state of affairs, or knows what happens to these photos that seem to dissapear ?

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