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Thread: 12 Squadron RAF - May to July 1943

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    Default 12 Squadron RAF - May to July 1943

    Just wanted to flag up that after a gap of 20 odd years I have revamped and updated this website.

    My grandfather was a Lancaster pilot at 12 Squadron from May to July 1943, sadly losing his life returning from Turin on 13 July 1943.

    It encompasses;

    • Training - No. 7 ITW Newquay, No. 2 BFTS Lancaster, California, 25 & 30 OTUs and 1656 CU
    • Records - 12 Squadron Operation Record Books and snippets from the units above
    • Log Book - From the navigator in the crew Sgt Reginald Sneesby
    • Photographs - From our family and from many others who have a link to 12 Squadron & Wickenby plus a Polaris Flight Academy album
    • Salute - Images from the No. 2 BFTS magazine from 1941/42
    • Research - about my grandfather's crew and others

    Kind regards Tom

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    Default Re: 12 Squadron RAF - May to July 1943

    Hello Tom,

    Nice collection of material on your revamped site, Thanks:

    Might I point out an error in the Summary of Operations from H.Q. 1 Group.

    You have indicated that 101 Squadron suffered a loss on the 12/13 July, 1943, TURIN raid. In fact, No.101 Sqn suffered no losses from the 19 aircraft they despatched. The actual loss was a No.103 Sqn aircraft (Lancaster I ED769:PM-U - BCL4/228 - Sgt B W Walls was RCAF!).

    Not having seen the original documentation, can't be sure if it is a transcription error, or what was in the original document.

    Be interested in having your comments.


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