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Thread: Lt Heinz Kennethmuller

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    Default Lt Heinz Kennethmuller

    Hello !

    Have you heard of this german pilot, and do you know if he survived to the war ?
    Thank you for your help.

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    Default JG 26 pilot and ace

    hello Alain,

    You'll find many entries about him in volume 2 of 'The JG 26 War Diary" by Donald CALDWELL published by Grub Street.

    The appendices of volume 2 gives his last victory on 17th september 1944, his 89th, and that he was the Staffelkapitäne of 4./JG 26. wounded in flying accident on 4th november 1944 (landing at Greven airfield). Last mention of him in the main body of the book is on page 447, saying that he replaced Otto Stammberger as First Gruppe Adjutant, on 19th March 1945. He survived the war.

    Short bio in "Der Ritterkreuz träger der Luftwaffe 1939-1945" by Ernst Obermaier : Born 26 June 1914 in Nürnberg, RK on 2nd October 1942 when he was a Feldwebel with 56 victories.
    From December 1940 with 8./JG 3, first victory on 29th June 1941 in Russia. After being award the RK he became a Schwarmführer with 9./JG 26. Staffelkapitäne of 4./JG 26 in April 1944. Was wounded 7 times. Had been nominated for the Oak Leaves (Eichenlaub in German). total of 463 missions, 89 victoires (19 in the west, 3 four-engined)

    You should find details about him through search engines.


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