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Thread: Elementary Flying Training pre Enlistment

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    Malcom, I profess to not being knowledgable in linking specific rank promotion to training progression, but unusual and odd does not surprise me. Is it not unusual to write 'pilot 13/8/41' in small handwriting at the top of form 543 to indicate the earning of 'wings' or is that normal ?

    Joining 3(p)AFU (26/8/42) (although the service history form does not give a date for finishing AFU) and then RAF College SFTS Cranwell (27/7/43) so long after (11 months) seems a rather unusual progression and timescale, especially as AFU and SFTS should have been doing the same training. Why did you think that at 3(p)AFU he was posted for ground duties rather than actual flying training ?

    At the back of my mind, the possibility, of having completed the AFU, and later done instructor duties at SFTS, as an explanation of this progression. Just a thought.

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    Normally the phase 'Awarded Flying Badge + a date' would be written in the Miscellaneous section which has been redacted.

    Following his court martial he was reduced to AC2 from Sergeant and it was as an AC2 that he served with 3 (P) AFU so he could not have been flying as a pilot, the minimum rank for which was Sergeant.

    ACDW was where 'bad boys' were sent prior to being re-allocated to a different aircrew trade or ground trade, hence another reason he was unlikely to be flying at 3 (P) AFU. However, having been a pilot, it's possible the AFU might have allowed him to fly under supervision but I wouldn't want to put any money on it.

    AFU and SFTS didn't fulfil the same function. At that period all flying training was carried out overseas, except for RAF College FTS which was retained in this country to provide refresher training or training to other personnel who the RAF didn't want to send overseas for a quick turn-round. AFUs (which were formed from the SFTSs) didn't carry out flying training but simply provided acclimatisation to UK/European conditions for qualified aircrew who had trained overseas.


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