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    Charles William Bailey, born in Britain, 7 October 1886, was by 1914 a commercial artist with the T.E. Eaton Company, Winnipeg, Manitoba. He subsequently attended the Curtiss School, San Diego, and received ACA Certificate No.502 (14 June 1916) and on 1 September 1916 was attested as a Probationary Flight Sub-Lieutenant with the RNAS. He served on flying boats at Westgate and Felixstowe, and was involved in a fight with German seaplanes on 15 February 1918. Postwar he joined the RAF (short service commission, 16 September 1919). I have not yet determined when he resigned this commission, though it appears that in April 1938 the Air Ministry approved his appointment as a civilian flying instructor. Clearly he was commissioned again for the RAF Confidential List for November-December 1940 names him as “Inspector of Landing Grounds, Malaya.

    An RCAF press release dated 8 November 1944 described him as still being in the Far East and described what had clearly been a varied and colourful career. “In 1919 he flew with the RAF on behalf of Finland during the Russian Revolution. For his work he was decorated with the Order of the White Rose of Finland” which he could not wear in 1944 as Finland was then a hostile nation. (This strikes an odd note with me as I am not aware of RAF work on behalf of Finland, although there was British intervention in both north and south Russia.). He had visited Japan in 1926 and had “surveyed every vital air route in the world except those of Europe.” His nickname was “Pop”, and was reported as having 10,000 hours flying over one million aeronautical miles. He escaped Singapore via the Dutch East Indies, Australia and the United States, returning to RAF service and survey work in East Africa. At the time the RCAF press officer met him, he was most noted for philanthropic work with Indian children.

    I would be most interested in his post-1919 career, whether as a civilian or an RAF officer. Does he appear in any records of Imperial air route surveys ? Checking for a record of his death, I am baffled at the hundreds of records for men named Charles William Bailey. Directions welcomed.
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