Help needed, please ...I am interested in the entries in the 21 Squadron ORB for October - December 1943.

21 Squadron was based at RAF Sculthorpe, and had recently converted to Mosquitoes...

I understand from Jack Fishman, 'For a while Pickard was station commander at RAF Sculthorpe. In October 1943 he was given command of No. 140 Wing of the Second Tactical Air Force by Basil Embry. This put him in charge of three squadrons of de Havilland Mosquito fast bombers.'
(Presumably this was the start of 140 Wing 2TAF, with the 'three squadrons' : 21 Squadron Mosquito VI, 464 (RAAF) Squadron Mosquito VI and
487 (RNZAF) Squadron Mosquito VI

Then the 21 Squadron ORB says that Basil Embry visited Sculthorpe on 26/10/1943
'The AOC (AVM Embry) held an inspection parade and the turn out was generally quite good.' (ORB)

Then the entry for 06/11/1943 says,
'The question of formation of discussion groups having been advocated by AOC, a conference was held to put the scheme on a sound basis. A programme ha been drawn up and squadron divided into groups. The first discussions will take place next week and it remains to be seen whether the scheme will arouse the interest its inception warrants. The Rt.Hon. Archibald Sinclair, Secretary of State for Air, visited the station.'

Given the 'elite' nature of these 3 squadrons, and Embry and Pickard both flew the missions on 1st December 1943 and 22nd December 1943, presumably this was the beginning of the 'Noball' ops against the V1 sites ?

And presumably this style of Embry to consult his air crews was all part of the 'democratic' nature of the elite RAF crews....and this was the evolution of the 'Box of Six' that the Mossies flew on their missions as Embry's 'basic unit' against V1 and V2 targets ?

National Archives : AIR 27/264/19