Does anyone have records of the RAF units in North Russia in 1918-19, please?

They're not easy to find, but I believe the following TNA files may be helpful in establishing some of the facts around RAF pilots who volunteered for service:

- AIR 1/472/15/312/169 North Russia: memoranda on operations
- AIR 1/438/15/301/4 Report of R.A.F. operations
- AIR 1/435/15/274/3 Monthly resume of operations, R.A.F. serving with Allied Forces, Archangel

Does anyone have copies of these records that they would be willing to share with me, or would be prepared to do look-ups into, please?

Specifically, I am seeking details of the service in North Russia of the following 41 Sqn personnel:

BOUCHIER, Cecil Arthur
BOWMAN, Geoffrey Hilton
CARTER, Guy Lloyd
DEASE, Ernest Joseph
HILTON, Louis Massey
SODEN, Frank Ormond