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Thread: Mosquito HR124 - Kuarpur Village - TATCHELL & BLAIR

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    Default Mosquito HR124 - Kuarpur Village - TATCHELL & BLAIR

    Mosquito HR124 of 22 Ferry Control, crashed near Kuarpur village on 15th July 1944

    Warrant Officer Robert BLAIR (1365950) 1944-07-15 22 FC Singapore Singapore Memorial
    Warrant Officer Harry TATCHELL (957040) 1944-07-15 22 FC Singapore Singapore Memorial

    The local Tahsildhar and other village officials gathered at the crash seat and reported the aircraft had dived straight in. partial remains were recovered and put in a pit. there was enough paperwork and cloths etc strewed across that confirmed the identity of the crew. The local report to the political agent indicated there may have been a third body but that observation was probably in error.

    The crash site was approx 1 m south of Kuarpur village.

    The political agent is on record telling the tahsildar to bury the remains and mark the spot accordingly. Which they probably did.

    Both crew as noted above are commemorated on the Singapore memorial.

    Then i ran into this link

    Harry Tatchell (957040)
    Warrant Officer - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve - 82 Sqdn.
    15 July 1944, aged 23 Born in Sheffield in 24 January 1921 Baptised - 13/2/1921 at Sheffield Handsworth St Marys. Father Harry, bricklayer. Mother Annie. Address 21 The Green Penistone. Son of Harry Tatchell, and of Annie Tatchell, of Penistone, Yorkshire.
    Father died in 1932, when Harry was 11 years old
    A report in 1998 indicated that Tatchell and his fellow crew member were buried near the village of Kuarpur. The RAF had agreed to exhumed them and bury them at Delhi subject to relatives premission.
    Lived at 19 Church St, Penistone
    Singapore Memorial
    Killed when Mosquito FB mk VI aircraft HR124 crashed on ferry flight Kuarpur, India
    Anyone know what this report from 1998 was about? I note that its been 22 years and they are still on the Singapore Memorial.
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