Good evening all,

I have come across a crew which looks like it was screened and broken up early in 1944, the pilot had already been taken off of operations and sent back to the HCU in October of 1943 but had then returned and resumed operations. However in February 1944 following a spate of early returns the crew are broken up, the Pilot is sent to RAF Chessington, the WOp to 578 Squadron, the Flight Engineer to 1658 CU, both the Air Gunners are sent to other crews and one is killed on his next operation, the Navigator is sent to RAF Holme as sick and I can't see where the Bomb Aimer went.

What was the purpose of RAF Chessington in February 1944, was it a hospital and could the pilot have been sent there for some form of treatment for nerves perhaps?

Grateful for any suggestions