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Thread: 42 OTU between November 1944 and May 1945

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    Default Re: 42 OTU between November 1944 and May 1945


    That is really fascinating information and I really appreciate the time you have taken to respond to my query.

    It is certainly possible I have mis-interpreted some of the items as I am fairly new to this and trying to get my head around the RAF's terminology and structure. I am more than happy to send you a screenshot of his actual service record if you would like to have a look and confirm your thoughts. I know it would help me enormously and as you say it might explain why he was not found in any squadron ORBs.

    Looking again at the records, it seems as though things were not in proper date order on them and he left 42 OTU around the end of March 1945 (fits with your disbandment date) and went to Saltby with effect from 20 March 1945 as P/A/B.

    I have to say I also found his commissioning to LAC on 2nd June 1944 (Supp to London Gazette 08 Aug 1944) to F/O on 2 Dec 1944 (Supp to London Gazette 29 Dec 1944) and then to Flt Lt on 2nd June 1946) (Supp to London Gazette 28 June 1946) intriguing.

    Please let me know if you would like to have a screenshot as I suggested above, but no worries if not. You have certainly given me food for thought on the matter.


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    Default Re: 42 OTU between November 1944 and May 1945

    Appointment to a commission in the General Duties Branch (in rank of P/O) was very common for newly-graduated pilots, but a lot less so for Navigators, and possibly very rarely for W/Opr A/Gs, Air Bombers, etc. Sometimes they were promoted to the rank of Sgt, then appointed to a commission with effect from the same date a little later. This was the normal procedure in RCAF Schools for most of WW2, also in RNZAF schools and I imagine same for RAAF as well. The proportion of pupils to be appointed to commissions (sometimes up to 50% or more) was discussed quite frequently with regard to the BCATP schools for much of the war, and the RAF itself was frequently involved in such discussions. Jefford in his book on non-pilot aircrew also discusses this subject fairly extensively.
    David D

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