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[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#000000]I'm a historical novelist seeking information about WW2 RAF procedure. One of my characters Michael, is a second generation Russian immigrant who signs up for the RAF as as wireless mechanic in 1939. Initially sent to the West Midlands to train, his intelligence and flawless grasp of four other languages attract the attention of the fledgling SOE and he is recruited. However, soon after this he mysteriously disappears - on British soil.[/COLOR][/FONT]


I need to know how the RAF/SOE would have reacted to his disappearance -- and especially what they would have told his wife back home in York. I assume he’ll immediately be designated as Absent Without Leave and his pay will be stopped. How much effort did they go to to track down people who went AWOL? And because of the sensitivity of his new role, would his case have been handed over to the military police or special branch?

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#000000]I assume that they would have made some effort to contact his wife and let her know her husband had disappeared. Would there have been a telegram, perhaps? Would they have tried to interview her and interrogate her about his whereabouts?[/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#000000]Any information gratefully received and thanking you in advance.

Karen Charlton[/COLOR][/FONT]