While during research on the Norwegian pilot Rolf Arne Berg I ran into the following.

In December 1941 Rolf Arne Berg and 3 other Norwegion pilot were posted to RAF 603 Squadron at Dyce. According to the Operations Record Book of this squadron 603 had already converted from Hurricanes to Spitfires as only flights by Spitfires are listed. However, Rolf Arne Berg only flew Hurricanes during this posting which lasted until February 1942. As several of these flights are operational (scrambles/patrols) I wondered where these flights can be listed. Was there another unit flying with Hurricanes from Dyce at this time or were these flights just not recorded in the 603 Squadron ORB? The Hurricanes he flew during his posting were former 17 and 310 Squadron aircraft, both these squadrons had converted from Hurricanes to Spitfires at the end of 1941 and had left Dyce.

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