I am currently conducting research, not solely with this case, into the loss of a particular Lancaster bomber and crew from 1945 in Eastern Germany.

It would appear there is no exact site for the aircraft coming down and no remains of the seven crew were ever recovered. They are all listed at Runnymede.

A copy of an Air Ministry letter of the time states that due to the political situation (Cold War) at the conclusion of hostilities, the MRES were not able to follow up their enquiry and recover any of the aircraft or remains of the crew.

I find it difficult to except, and I know it does happen, that no remains were recovered. I am also aware that the civilian population of the time were somewhat aggressive with any aircrew they seized, and that German police / military units would meter out summary justice and dispose clandestinely with remains.

However, as the MRES unit was closed down in 1952 and the 'Cold War' has thawed allowing access to previously 'secret' files, how would one go about re-opening the file and going to have another look etc. There may still be people in the area that know of, or have heard stories of, a particular crash / crew in that area and time scale, that may be able to eventually shed light on the crew's whereabouts.

There are few and fewer survivors of that time and this may be the last chance to re-open any investigation. I am presently in contact with four of the crew's families, some of whom have made forlorn visits to the area without any success.

Two of the crew were schoolboy friends from our town in North West England. I have today traced the pilot's niece who has a collection of memorabilia which is yet to be examined. We are also in contact with relatives of the navigator, lots of archive, and tail gunner and within touching distance of the mid-upper and bombardier.

Big Makk