Thanks Andrew, I've been visiting TNA for 25 years, so I'm quite used to it. I perfectly know you can't guess the size of a file before your visit, in general. As I'm driving from France and back to France in the same day, I usually visit on Wednesdays, and not the days when it's opened until later hours, as it would be too tiring for me (about 2 hours to get to the Channel tunnel then another hour to arrive home).

Advance orders or bulk order enable me to adapt my charge of work when I arrive, see the size of delivered documents, and make the most of my time in Kew (about 7 hours with a quick lunch break and visit to the shop for bargain books).

I'm now mostly copying casualty packs (AIR 81 series) and some PoW questionnaires (WO344 series), and some undigitised files like the AIR 29s.

Hope to get some feed-back from any readers at Kew.