Hi all

Has anyone seen or have a list of crews passing out from 1658 HCU at RAF Riccall for the first quarter of 1943? I am not sure if such a document exists even?

Thanks to everyones kind help I found my crew leaving 15 OTU and now trying to find how the crew looked leaving 1658, which I think was mid Jan 43. I know the crew was these men:-

Pilot - Flying Officer Robert Hilary Vivian Thomas
Nav - Flying Officer Stanley James Elphick
Wireless Op. - Sergeant Eric Arthur Church
Flight Engineer - Sergeant John Hewson Thomas
Mid Gunner - Unknown
Tail Gunner - Sergeant Charles Weston
Bomb Aimer - Sergeant Charles Robert Borden Ainley

Specifically did they have an upper gunner and who?

After 1658 the crew were posted to RAAF 462 in the Middle East where the Halifax had its upper gun turret removed, so I am not sure if they had an upper gunner at 1658 or if they took one with them to the Middle East. I have the pilots log but its just says crew.