On the 13th March 1945 a Me 109 was claimed damaged by Mitchell/-s from 2 Group (139 Wing). I have not been able to identify which crew/-s that made the claim.

Some details can be found in this post: http://forum.12oclockhigh.net/showth...2024/653%20p74. Including this: According to the daily intell report for this incident: “Three Me.109s made three attacks on box of Mitchells 5/10 miles east of Wessel. One Mitchell shot down and another minor damage. One e/a damaged by Mitchells…”

This claim is included in AIR 24/653 Statistics of Combats and Casualties in ADGB., Fighter Command and 2 TAF; Vol 4 but there are no details on squadron, crew or aircraft (just a note “by Bmbr”).

The Mitchell shot down was from 180 Sqn and the ORB of this sqn mentions: “The formation was thrice attacked by 9 ME 109’s 5/10 miles East of Wesel. Our gunners claimed strikes on 2 enemy aircraft.“ Unfortunately no details about the gunners. I have not found any combat reports.

Is there anyone with the ORB´s or Appendices of 2 Group or 139 Wing who can add more info?

Thanks in advance