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Thread: M. C. Cleary DFM 82 Squadron

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    Default M. C. Cleary DFM 82 Squadron

    I am trying to find the note in the London Gazette for the award of the DFM to Sgt Maison
    Charles Cleary (540882) of 82 Squadron. He was an Air Gunner, and was in Blenheim P8858
    when it was the only aircraft out of 12 to return from the raid on Gembloux on the 17th May

    I think his DFM may have been awarded sometime in August 1940 as I have a copy of the
    telegram sent to him congratulating him on his award, however I have sereached the
    London Gazette web site and cannot find mention of his DFM award (although later
    notes of his commission etc have him as Cleary DFM).

    He went on to fly with "Atty" Atkinson and was with him when he was awarded his bar to
    the DFC and his DSO.

    In 1944 he was flying with S/L Pushman with 88 Squadron and was the AG of Boston "H"
    laying smoke for the Normandy landings.

    If anybody else has any further information I would love to hear it, and any help on
    locating the LG entry for his DFM would be great.


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    Default M C Cleary

    Do a search for Maison Charles in the phrase field
    Gazette Issue 34910 published on the 30 July 1940. Page 5 of 58

    Air Ministry,
    30th July, 1940.
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following appointment and awards:
    Awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal.
    590422 Flight Sergeant Alan Arnold EMERY*
    566165 Sergeant Charles Ronald ALEXANDER.
    564527 Sergeant Harold John William BAREHAM.
    565:226 Sergeant Graham Baptie BLACKLOCK.
    539828 Sergeant .Peter Wilson CAMPBELL.
    527740 Sergeant.Jim Whitelaw CARTER.
    540822 Sergeant Maison Charles CL'EARY.

    Note there is an ' in the scan because of a speck on the page!
    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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    Malcolm Guest


    Hello Johnnie,

    This is taken from the Distinguished Flying Medal Register for the Second World War by Ian Tavender.

    CLEARY, Maison Charles. 540822 Sergeant, No.82 Sqn.
    L.G. 30/7/1940. Air Gunner. Air2/6085.

    On 17th May, 1940, Sergeant Cleary was the Air Gunner of the only aircraft to return out of a formation of twelve. Although attacked by enemy fighters and completely surrounded by bullet holes, he remained cool and used his guns with great skill until the enemy broke off the engagement. He has carried out 18 operational flights since the outbreak of war during which he always displayed great determination and courage and has set a high example in his squadron. I recommend the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

    28th June, 1940.

    Regards, Malcolm.

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    Thank you very much for both replies. His log book for the operation on the 17th
    of May states:

    Operational - EA. A/C US - Only aircraft to return out of 12

    That was the last flight he carried out with Sgt Morrison, and almost all operations
    were with Atty Atkinson (apart from a couple with P/O Williams, and one with W/C Bandon).


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