Diary entry dated 4 February 1943, No.34 EFTS, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan - 14.00 - Telephone call received from S/L Summerville, Officer Commanding, No.15 EFTS. Regina, Saskatchewan, requesting that, if possible, this Unit arrange air transportation to Regina for a civilian child who was seriously ill at Coronach, Saskatchewan. The Officer Commanding this Unit, S/L H. Marsden (70445) consulted the Manager, Central Manitoba Flying Training School, Limited, and it was decided that this should be done. F/O E.G. Snowden (101031), Flying Instructor at this Unit, took off from the aerodrome, No.34 EFTS in a Tiger Moth fitted with skis, landed at Coronach and conveyed the child from there to Regina by air. He was escorted in this flight by S/L H. Marsden (70445) and P/O R.H. Day (132070) and the flight was uneventful.

Winter mercy flights by BCATP units on the prairies were not uncommon. Prairie roads in the 1930s and 1940s were generally poor - even a short distance from villages they deteriorated into a pair of muddy ruts, and blizzards might isolate farms and small communities for days. Immediately after the war, the prairie provinces undertook road reconstruction that transformed the rural landscape, but until that was completed, there was much use of aircraft for emergency services. The Saskatchewan Air Ambulance Service was inaugurated on 3 February 1946.