Dear All,

I would like to offer my Sincere Thanks for every one on RAF Commands who has helped me understand the fate of my Uncle Stan and Bob, his RAAF Navigator on the night of 12/10/44.

John Williams has been pivotal in working with his friends in Germany to identify what happened to Mosquito KB348. In fact John drove past the crash site at Nedlitz during one of his trips to Germany. I've now seen the German report of the aftermath of the raid and we have identified the Flak units operating that night as Stan & Bob returned from their mission over Berlin.

I'm also indebted to Bob's Niece, Elaine, who is a Family History enthusiast, and she has written extensively about Bob. In some small miracle, Bob's 1944 Diary came back to the Bolton Family after 40 years; it was bought in a box from an Antiques Shop, and the new owner placed a small ad to find the family - a colleague of Elaine's cousin brought it to her attention and back it came !

From Elaine's faithful transcript, we have a day by day account of Bob's life from embarkation, trip to the UK via a stop in New York and his training here and pairing up with Stan as his Pilot.

Elaine also has many photos of Bob, one of his closest friends was the son of a professional photographer, so we see poignant moments in Bob's life, he is pictured with the bicycle that took him so long to find, and is the subject of his Dad's letter when he asks for it to be given to the family Bob stayed with in Carlisle.

Crucially for me, we learn from Bob's diary that Stan was a 41 Op, Second Tour Veteran who had previously flown Wellingtons. That switch must have been a revelation, similar to being a bus driver and switching to a sports car in motoring terms !

May I ask the highly knowledgeable members here:

Would the redeployment from Wellingtons to Mosquitoes be common ?

Do any Wellington historians know anything about Stan's earlier service from their research ?

I am very grateful for your time and support - Thank You !

With Warmest Regards,