Hello All,
I am flogging my way through an alphabetical list of mostly(!) RAF airmen taken PoW by Italy. I’m halfway through “S”. Not all are complete. Most of the Surnames check against the Service Numbers (and vice versa). But one, in the “P’s” caused more difficulties than usual. He is (as printed in the list):-
30302 Sgt J Prive. ‘Prive’ is an unusual Surname. I can’t make it come up in AIR 78. 30302 as a Service Number don’t compute for WW2 aircrew(?). The original (viewed through a strong hand-lens) looks as if there may have been a preceding (but now missing) digit. Replacing the blur/gap/glitch with all the digits, in turn, still doesn’t make sense. He was taken PoW through camp PG62 (Grumello del Piano, which is in a SW suburb of Bergamo, and which is said to have been a Work Camp for (mainly) Indians and Cypriots – and not a ‘normal’ Transit Camp).
I would like this bloke’s Forename, and correct Service Number.
I think my eyes were getting tired, and I filed it in the TFD (“Too F**** Difficult”) tray.
Can anybody (a) help, and (b) tell me how they helped (my TFD tray is getting filled!).
Peter Davies