N/E Sick. What does this mean when referred to Aircrew? - Does it mean Nervous Exhaustion? or Non Effective? (It seems when used for Airframes it means non effective). I am researching a Wop/AG in 97 Squadron whose last two missions had been rather harrowing on 25/26 June 1942 mission to Bremen they had managed to evade a JU 88 chasing them. Then they dodged a Second JU 88 by diving into a cloud. On his next mission 11/12 July 1942 to Danzig submarine works, they were hit by a shell at Christiansund and had to jettison bombs and abandon the mission. After this mission the AOC said the crews had put up a magnificent effort and it was a great contribution to the Naval War. However his crew had turned back and landed at a different airfield and another plane/crew was lost on the raid. Later he was N/E sick 2 Aug 1942 and then ceased to be N/E Sick and returned to the Squadron on 24 Aug 1942 and continued flying missions.