In regard to the loss on the 4th July 1942 of 260 Sqn a/c AK888.

AB "AA100-AZ999" has -
250/3 RAAF/260 - Force landed in desert , 4.7.42.
Who was its pilot and what happened to him ?

MAW,Vol 2 has on page 255 -
260 Sqn Kittyhawk I AK888 force-landed in desert, shot down by 3 Bf109's, 0850-1000.
There were German and Italian P40 claims that day.

Also however -
"85 years SAAF" has -
AK888 - 2 SAAF - S/d by Bf109, Gabe area 26.2.43. Lt.T.J.Platt, safe POW.

So I can only assume that somehow the a/c was recovered repaired and reissued to SAAF.