I am doing some research on my Father in Law Who was a Liberator Airgunner with 70 Squadron in Italy and Middle East in 1945-46. I am looking for any suggestions on tracing his service during and just after ww2. He joined at Euston in April 1943, Deferred service till rejoining in July 1944 at 3ACRC Lord's. Then ACDC and transferred to Middle East for Airguner training. He was at 13 AG school in RAF BALLAH, then I think 77 OTU (Wellingtons) probably at Qastina before 1675 HCU at Abu Sueir for B-24 conversion. He then joined 70 Sqn at Foggia in June 1945 and went back to Palestine with 70 Sqn in October 1945 eventually returning to UK in Feb 1947. However the period between Oct 45 and Feb 47 are sketchy. He has mentioned Castel Benito in Libya and Lydda.

I am hoping to make some airfix models of the wellingtons of 77 OTU and B-24 of 70 Sqn for Xmas for him. Ay suggestions on serial numbers and markings? I can find no info at all on 77OTU or 1675 HCU.

All suggestions gratefully received.