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Thread: Bochum, November 4/5, 1944 V-1 factory hit.

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    Default Bochum, November 4/5, 1944 V-1 factory hit.

    Dad was operational November 4/5, 1944 on a trip to Bochum. Ralf Blank in his book "Bitter Ends" records that the town of Gevelsberg was also hit that evening. Fortuitously, two “mine” bombs (4,000 lb cookies) and several other explosive bombs hit the plant and furnace of Herdfabrik Wilhelm Krefft AG. Three halls were burned out and considerable damage to buildings and warehouses had occurred on the entire site, paralyzing production. One of the departments that was badly damaged was responsible for the production of some of the parts and assembly of the "device 8-103", for the production for an "SB1 device" for the V-1 flying rockets. Gevelsberg is located nearby on the return route from Bochum that night and possibly crews either jettisoned “hang-ups” over the town, or perhaps a bomber crew that had been shot-up over the target area and having escaped the incident, jettisoned their full load over the town. Note that this is not identified in the Night Raid Reports for November 4/5, 1944.

    A perusal of the ORBs for individual a/c might reveal who which crews might have been responsible for this successful attack.

    The route:

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