I have never actually been to either the National Archives at Kew or to Library and Archives Canada. Given the restrictions in both the United Kingdom and Canada, I will not likely be going to either location anytime soon! All “Primary” historical documents that I have (and it is quite a substantial collection) has been either downloaded online, obtained by purchase from NA or LA Canada, or from the very kind contribution from many of you on this forum or elsewhere. To those of you who have unselfishly have given me these documents, thank you so much! You have all been very kind.

However one set of documents I don’t have are the 6 Group Form B’s for nearly all of the months. I do have these for March 1945 and for a couple of other months in 1943. However, I do not have them for most of my father's operations. These are available with the National Archives, commencing with AIR 14/3086 and continuing to AIR 14/3136.

I am doing this with a colleague who has provided me with a great deal of 6-Group and 419 Squadron information so I have told him, this one is on me. We had contacted an individual who does this work but he seemed reluctant to proceed and we have since learned it might be due to the difficult format of the paper records (continuous sheets from a tele-printer).

I wonder if a viable option might be to engage an enthusiastic youth, what I believe to be a “6th Form” student taking their A-Level. The ideal candidate would be someone who lives nearby National Archives, with an interest in history, preferably military history. I would propose to hire them at a fair wage for their age. In return I could offer them my knowledge of “All Things Bomber Command”. Perhaps this might be a good history project for them. As such I could go through a school in the area and the teacher could recommend names of potential candidates.

I realize there are currently restrictions on the availability of access to Kew. I’m not sure if there are updates on this that I should be aware of. Also, If someone has further advice on how I might contact a school, I would be very grateful. Or whether I am completely mad!