I know from speaking to ex-aircrew at Air Gunners Association meetings in the 1970's & 80's, fresh from training they crewed up in the usual manner in a large hall at OTU and pretty much sorted themselves out into crews.

Presumably the majority of chaps who'd completed their first tour, completed their "rest period" as an Instructor at Trade schools/OTU/HCU etc and were going back for a Second tour - Main Force - would not be crewing up at OTU for a second time around. How did these experienced bods end up joining freshmen crews ? It seems that some of them somehow landed up at squadrons and were grabbed by flight commanders or squadron commanders for their own crews (if they did not already have a regular crew) but others seem to just appear on F541's as a part of a rookie crew and to stay with them. Surely these crews would have been a 7 chap crew already, before being posted to an operational squadron ?

Any thoughts appreciated.