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    Hi all,

    I'm working on a career summary, which was transcribed by a family member of the man in question, so do not have the original to refer to. Unfortunately, it contains a few abbreviations that have me stumped, and I'm not sure whether the abbreviations are the pilot's or the transcriber's so they may not be the generally accepted short forms of the units (etc.) in question.

    For context, the man was a GD pilot who in 1941 seems to have moved into flying control with Ferry Command, I believe, though there's no evidence of a transfer to that branch. In fact, he transferred to Admin & Special Duties in Nov 41. However, he was based at various times at Prestwick, Iceland, and Canada (presumably Dorval).

    The abbreviations I'm hoping for some help with are as follows:

    Oct 40 - Chief Instructor, Glider Squadron, Central L. Establishment - I cannot find an establishment with a middle word starting with 'L'. Possibly a transcription error, but which establishment (CFE?) had a glider squadron in late Battle of Britain days???

    Sep 41 - No. 4 Reg. Cent. Crse, Reg. Cent. School - This course was immediately prior to being posted to TAC Prestwick

    Aug 42 - NAC Ferry Command - North Atlantic Control? Where would this have been located?

    Thanks for your insights
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