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Thread: Google Maps or Google Earth?

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    Default Google Maps or Google Earth?

    Currently, I have put all the routes for my fatherís operations up on Google Maps. I did this by uploading the KML files of the turning points by route which also contain labels for distances and bearings between points, as derived by trigonometry.

    I was advised that Google Earth may be a better option for this. I have just installed Google Earth on my new computer and am starting to experiment with it. Any suggestions or preferences for GM or GE? Has anyone done any georeferenced maps on either of these platforms?


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    Default Re: Google Maps or Google Earth?

    I have only ever used Google Earth as my main interest is the historic layers which I don't think is on Google Maps. I too would be interested in which is better as I suspect that Google will be looking to move everything to maps at some point as they will have control over the application. The other issue is that I have noticed that Earth saves routes etc. as KMZ sometimes and KML at others. Never figured out why it changes, but is a pain when I come across both versions of the same route on my hard disk.

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