Looking for some assistance with regard to an RAF or USAAF attack on German shipping on 8 December 1943, and we would like if possible to know what was the RAF/USAAF unit involved in the attack.

The details are pretty vague as it could be in the Mediterranean or the Adriatic.

This is about a German sailor who had previously served on the Prinz Eugen and Scharnhorst, he settled in Sheffield post-war and was wounded by bomb splinters on 8 December 1943. He was serving on 2 Transport Flotille, we have no idea of the actual type of ship, but a Herbert Gruner was the commander and was only an NCO, so we are presuming a caique, small motorboat, yacht, or even a Siebel ferry or Marinefahrprahm, and as it was supplying local garrisons this more points to the Adriatic than the Med.

The unit was 1 Transport Flotille, seconded to 2 Transport Flotille - 1 Transport Flotille was established in May 1943 in France, and in July 1943 moved to Italy with seventeen landing craft.

Headquarters first at San Remo and later Imperia. 2 Transport Flotille was formed in September 1943 from units of 1 Transport Flotille, headquartered in Venice, also oversaw transport operations in the Adriatic.

Unfortunately his file only gives the unit, date of the action and details of his injuries, but with no location, but as it states his injuries are "bomb splinters" we assume it was an air attack.

Many thanks in anticipation

Allan Hillman