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Thread: Needle in a Haystack Time: Sgt Plt Pearce, 1932-37

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    Default Re: Needle in a Haystack Time: Sgt Plt Pearce, 1932-37

    I seem to be getting worse at reading puzzles like this attentively.

    Post #1: "I have one possible candidate that fits circumstantially, but have no evidence he is the right man:
    590050 George Harold Pearce; born Maidenhead, Berks, 31 Dec 09; joined RAF as Apprentice Clerk, Oct 25; Prob Plt Off (45228), 28 Jan 41 (sen 18 Nov 40); Prob Fg Off, 1 Sep 41; Flt Lt (WS), 1 Sep 42; app to com as Flt Lt (ext svce), 24 Jul 47 (sen 1 Jan 43); appointed to PC as Flt Lt, 16 Sep 48 (sen 1 sep 45); trans to Sec Branch, 14 Jan 49; Sqn Ldr, 1 Jul 51; retired 31 Dec 58; d Northampton, Northants, Dec 87"
    Post #9of Pauls re SBs earlier 2014 thread:
    "PEARCE, G. H., number?; Sgt Plt, 41 Sqn, 1932-37; Flg Instr Crse, CFS Upavon, 4 Jan-20 Mar 37; grad CFS as QFI Class B, 20 Mar 37 [Possibly 590550 Flt Sgt George Harold Pearce, com Prob Plt Off (45228), 28 Jan 41]"

    And AIR 78/124 confirms, among just five men with initials GH only, one
    590050 Pearce GH note: not 590550.
    1941 Gazettal to PO 45228, confirms 590050:
    590050 lies in the range
    590001 to 594261 allotted from Oct 1925: Apprentice Clerks

    The 2014 service summary for him is pretty clear apart from the service no ts error.
    The source might be useful to know in confirming that he is, as he seems to be, the right man.

    (In AIR 78 124 there are also several Geoffrey Herberts or Geoffrey Henrys, rather more George Henrys, and so on. More than convenient to list with service no. and seemingly not relevant)

    I feel I've laid out several red herrings with my earlier post. No excuse other than wrong or poor focus of attention. That or rampant silliness, take your pick.
    Good night, all.

    Tediously too long in the typing, missed Steve's reply.
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    Default Re: Needle in a Haystack Time: Sgt Plt Pearce, 1932-37

    Don, no red herrings at all; you've given me some good alternate men to look at and Paul's posts have added some initials to help find more info.

    I appreciate your input; it has been very helpful

    I had 'G. H. Pearce' for a while but on checking my details could not find anything in my data to show where I got it from. I think it was an early assumption that I'd forgotten was just that. Being unable to find any proof, I discarded it, but included the details of it in my post as I didn't want to waste anyone's time looking for info I already had, or people I'd already discounted.

    As such, everything you've provided is invaluable, thanks, and your suggestion/theory may well prove correct.

    41 (F) Squadron RAF at War and Peace, April 1916-March 1946

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    Default Re: Needle in a Haystack Time: Sgt Plt Pearce, 1932-37

    1 FTS was at RAF Netheravon!

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