I accidentally stumbled across a small Commonwealth plot at Scottow in Norfolk today. The cemetery lies just outside the former Coltishall base and most of the burials are wartime. There are also Dutch and German internees there which surprised me as I thought all the German war dead were later taken to Cannock Chase. One particular grave though did attract my interest more than others. It was a Commonwealth stone with the top corners cut away that I though denoted a casualty not attributed to either of the world wars. There was no cap badge carved on it but simply his name, O W KANTUREK, 20th CENTURY FOX FILMS LTD, and the date of 26 June 1941 aged 42.

On doing a little digging it seems that he was a well known Hollywood filmmaker and he was there doing some work on 'A Yank in the RAF'. He was concurrently working on 'One of our aircraft is missing'. His death occurred when he and another cameraman were airborne and taking shots of two Hurricanes doing close passes on their plane, probably to get some exciting action footage. However, one of the Hurricanes got too close and the camera plane crashed with loss of all on board. The fighter's pilot bailed out and was presumably safe. But I can't find out anything on the camera plane and how many others went down with it. Can anyone shed any light on this please?