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    Default Wireless Operator, Lancaster

    Some random notes.

    I had a chat with dad's Navigator yesterday and we talked about the wireless operator. He mentioned that the W/Op had an "extension" cord that allowed him to take a position in the "astro hatch" to look for a/c above, enemy or otherwise. He said the W/Op spent most of his time there. The combat report for KB.721 Blaney Crew on November 4, 1944. "The wireless operator observed rear gunner score hits on enemy a/c.
    Otherwise he would listen for messages. He would pass a message on paper on to the navigator on windspeeds and directions. I notice that in all crew photos, the W/OP was wearing shoes rather than flying boots. I remember reading somewhere that the only "hot" position in a lancaster was the W/Op position, as that was where the heat was distributed.

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