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Thread: Capacity of the Small Bomb Container "SBC"

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    Default Capacity of the Small Bomb Container "SBC"

    I would like to confirm the capacity of the Small Bomb Container, SBC. The ORB for dad's a/c KB.762 for February 20/21, 1945 to Dortmund indicates 1500, 4lb incendiaries. Dad's log book records 1X4,000 and 11 SBC's. The two pieces of information would indicate ~136 4lb incendiaries per container. However the caption for this photograph for a similar bomb load (12 SBC's) indicates 236 4lb incendiaries.
    The information from the ORB would suggest a 10,000 bomb load and the second load would suggest 15,300 lbs, which seems incorrect to me.


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