As every one knows, our Database currently links Aircrafts, CWGC War deaths, POW Data, Crash/Loss Data , AIR81 data among many other things.

One glaring gaps are "Evaders" - personnel who evaded capture after being downed or stranded behind enemy lines.

Now about 1500 records of Evaders has been uploaded - data contributed by Rob Davis at

What it means is that some of the aircraft records are more complete

Eg Manchester L7301
Shows fatal casualties, POWs and Evaders

Wellington X3472

There is some clean up to do - and I am working on it - but its limited to roughly 15 or so records. Some records maybe missing and would welcome the additions if any.

Finally once again many thanks to Rob Davis for the idea and the data.

PS: There is no seperate DB page/Query built but an easy way to check all the evaders in one place is to see