I wonder if anyone has any information on the 129038 Cyril Howard 'Bud' Abbott. He was a Bomb Aimer and commissioned on 4th September 1942, his previous number being 1585008. His service number suggests an enlistment of September 1941.

He joined 78 Squadron from 1658 Conversion Unit on 7th April 1943, possibly taking up the post of Squadron Bombing Leader, suggesting that he may have already completed a tour of operations elsewhere.

He only completes 2 operations with 78 Squadron before he is lost on the night of 22/23 October 1943 on ops to Kassel. His two completed ops are on the 27th August to Nurnberg and the 22 September 1943 to Hanover. He doesn't fly any operations in April, May, June or July.

Any information appreciated