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Thread: CWGC Non Recorded Airmen and Airwomen 1939 to 1947

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    Default Re: CWGC Non Recorded Airmen and Airwomen 1939 to 1947

    I have the following ex RAFO Officer who was knocked down on Bus on 18th Oct 1940 and killed - He was demobilised on 13th Oct 1940 and so NOT on CWGC

    24038 Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVIES RAFO F/O 24.04.40 trans. from General Duties to Administrative and Special Duties Branch -

    See newspaper report below for details


    1) He was ONLY ranked as high as Flying Officer at time of death
    2) It would be interesting if his participation in Ops over Germany could be confirmed!

    He was commissioned SSC

    The undermentioned are granted short service commissions as Pilot Officers on probation,
    with effect from and with seniority of the 4th Jan. 1927:—
    Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVIES.

    Pilot Officer on probation Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVIES is confirmed in rank. 30th Apr. 1928.

    Undermentioned are promoted to the rank of Flying Officer: Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVIES. 4tb July 1928.

    LG 17th May 1938
    The undermentioned Flying Officers are transferred to the Reserve. 4th Jan. 1932:—
    CLASS C. .
    Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVIES.

    The undermentioned Flying Officers are
    transferred from class A to class C on the
    dates stated:—
    4th Jan. 1938.
    Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVIES

    LG 7 February 1939
    The notification in the Gazette of 17th May 1938 concerning Flying Officer Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVIES


    The undermentioned Flying Officers are
    transferred to the Administrative and Special
    Duties Branch on the dates stated: —
    24th Apr. 1940.
    Arthur Reginald Sinclair DAVTES (24038).

    Cannot find termination in LG for October 1940

    He is in Oct 1940 AFL but not in Dec 1940 AFL

    The Nov 1940 AFL is not online

    Published: Friday 25 October 1940
    Newspaper: Uxbridge & W. Drayton Gazette
    County: London, England
    Type: Illustrated | Words: 1412 | Page: 7 | Tags: none

    The Advertiser And Gazette, Friday, October 25, 1940
    Killed By Bus At Uxbridge
    Had your husband done any flying in this war?
    "Yes, The top of his lungs were frozen during a flight over Germany in the early part of the war"
    This was a question and answer at the inquest on Monday at the Rockingham Arms, Uxbridge, on
    Arthur Reginald Sinclair Davies, aged 36, a Flight Lieutenant, formerly in the R.A.F., who was
    knocked down and killed by a bus on Friday—five days after he had been demobilised.

    (So demobilised Sunday 13th October and killed Friday 18th October 1940)

    The accident occurred near the car park of the Swan and Bottle. High-street. Uxbridge during
    the black-out and an air-raid alert The night was described as, very dark.

    The driver of the bus involved has this remarkably fine record:

    Driven far a total period of 38 years — seven years horse-drawn vehicles. Possesses a clean licence.
    No previous accident of any sort. Holds six Safety First certificates and silver medal for meritorious
    driving, with four bars.

    When the driver. Mr. Henry Robert Brown, who lives at 87, Brixham crescent. Ruislip. confirmed
    this record which was read, out by his solicitor, he was deeply affected.

    Coroner's Comments

    In returning a verdict of "Accidental Death." Mr. Harold Broad-bridge. Deputy Coroner, said he was going
    to depart from his usual custom in traffic cases and exonerate the driver from blame. The evidence showed that
    there was no negligence, and he thought it a case in which the driver, who had such an extraordinary record,
    should be exonerated.

    Giving evidence of identification Mrs Davies, of 15. Palace-court Bayswater. said her husband
    was on the reserve of officers before war broke out, and re-joined the R.A.F.
    She saw him alive on the morning of the accident.

    She knew he was going to be demobilised. but did not know that he had actually left.

    The Coroner. I am informed that he was demobilised on October 13, so, for the purpose
    this inquiry. I shall describe as a flight lieutenant, formerly in the R.A.F.

    Dr. Hotson said that he saw Mr Davies at the scene of the accident. He was dead. A post-mortem
    examination showed the cause of death was fracture of the skull and shock from multiple injuries.

    Started To Cross, Returned

    Mr. Derek Talbot Elsden, of " Garden Reach," Howlett's-lane. Ruislip, who was standing in the
    Swan and Bottle car park when the accident happened, said Mr Davies was walking along the kerb.
    He went a little way across the road, returned to the kerb, and started to cross the road again,
    when he was knocked down. The bus was going slowly about ten or twelve miles an hour — and
    Davies was walking towards it at the tune..

    Mr Frank Gearing, of 6 Dickens-avenue. Hillingdon. the bus conductor. said they were proceeding from
    the garage along the Denham-road to Pinner. He was standing at the front entrance, and as they were
    passing the Swan and Bottle he saw a shadowy form move from the car park into the road in front of the bus.
    The bus swerved, there was a bump, and the bus pulled up quickly

    P.C Lane said he found Mr Davies lying in front of the wing of the near-side hind wheels under the,
    lifeguard with his head to-wards the kerb. The bus was about seven feet from the near-side kerb and
    brake marks showed that it had pulled up within six feet. The driver said "I was a approaching the
    canal bridge when I saw a shadow walk from the pavement about two feet in front of me I braked
    and swerved to my off-side, felt a bump and stopped.-

    A Dark Object

    Mr Brown. confirmed this statement. As he was passing the car park, he said a dark object loomed
    up about two feet in front of the bus, coming from the near-side. He did not know what it was.
    He swerved and pulled up at once. An air-raid alert was in progress, and the bus was carrying the
    regulation wing lights and tail light His vision was about six feet.

    After the Coroner had recorded his verdict Mr. Angelo-Thompson. on behalf of the driver
    and London Transport Board. expressed sympathy with the widow in a most unfortunate accident.

    The funeral of Flt.-Lieut Davies took place in Hillingdon Cemetery on Tuesday. The arrangements
    being carried out by Messrs. H C Grimstead. of Ruislip.
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    Default Re: CWGC Non Recorded Airmen and Airwomen 1939 to 1947

    "Missing entry CWGC ??

    Record of King Edward VII School Johannesburg has

    Lieut. Rex Distin Martienssen SAAF

    "Because of his early death while training as a lieutenant in the South African Air Force in World War II,"

    Date of death 23 August 1942

    Died Military Hospital Voortrekkerhoogte, Pretoria 23 August 1942

    Occupation Lieutuant Launec? 1131R Military College Voortrekkerhoogte assume
    1131R service number ?

    Launec? unclear..

    Cause Coronary Selena
    Contributory Cause: Influzenza

    Duration Several years


    NOT ON South African Graves

    Maybe Should be added to Missing Airman ?"

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    Default Re: CWGC Non Recorded Airmen and Airwomen 1939 to 1947

    32133 James Richard TALBOT F/Lt 28.12.36 class A Service number
    Birth 31 Dec 1909 Portarlington, Laois, Ireland
    Death 2 Dec 1945 Watford, Hertfordshire, England

    Still AFL July 1945 - not on CWGC

    Killed Hermes 1 airliner G-AGSS Sunday 2 December 1945 - Date Confirmed By Newspaper report (some sources say 3rd Dec)
    Verdicts of accidental death were recorded on
    Flight Lieut. James Richard Talbot (35), chief test pilot of the Handley Page Co.,
    and Edgar Alexander 'Ginger' Wright (31). Flight Test Observer on

    Killed in Hermes 1 airliner G-AGSS
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